Tuesday, 12 April 2011

3 best looks right now!

I pick 3 best looks, what I have found lately and whats perfect for this week!

 Stripped short jumpsuit, a little like sailor style. Simple, but absolutely awesome!

Just fabulous! Skinny jeans, gladiators , huge glasses and white jacket. Again very simple, but total hit!


Fabulous, waist high shorts, gladiators and big sunglasses , love it!

Vest vest vests!


Oo, belts!

Like scarves , You can buy them as much as You can afford, there is never too much belts. Buy belts different colors , sizes and loooks. Its simple thing, but can add so much to your look!


Leather jacket!

Pictures says more than 10000 words, LOVE IT!

High waist skirt.

Works as well as shorts, but its even more womanish!

Hat parade!

Hat parade for You ! Buy as many hats You can, many different styles and size, cause You can combine hats with everything!


High knee booots.

Celebrity choice-high knee boots, makes every outfit awesome.


Ballerina shoes.

So comfortable and cute, can wear them everywhere and with everything.


Every woman wants perfect body and thers one fabulous thing-corset, what can help You to feel yourself hot.


Wet look leggins.

Wet look leggins are just fabulous! Love them, were them as often i can, You must try them !